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It was a great run but sadly we must say goodbye to the US soccer team in yet another world cup.  Nobody believed me when I sad the US and Ghana were going to advance from the group of death.  Although Ghana continued to prove how much they hate America by proving me wrong, we were able to make it out of the group.  Some people might have been happy with that but they continued to make life wonderful by giving me a reason to sneak out of work early today to watch the game.  It all came crashing to an end though by a little country that most people probably couldn’t point out on a globe.  Considering how many people in America most likely can’t point to Brazil on a globe, it probably doesn’t mean much.

Now I shall go cry in a corner and drink my sorrows away.  But we wont be drinking any of that shitty Budweiser beer since Belgium has gotten their grubby hands all over it.  Between stealing our beer and taking over our Street Fighter movie main character, Belgium needs to stop trying to be like the US.  Don’t even get me started on what they do to their french fries either.  I mean seriously, mayo on a french fry?  Everyone knows the only things you ever need to put on fries is Old Bay and Vinegar.

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