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The best part of summer started today with the annual Steam Summer Sale.  That time of year when gamers everywhere can waste all their money buying games they will never play because they are on big discounts.  Or perhaps I am the only person that does that.  I’m sure this year will be eve worse since I’ve been pointed out towards the sales tracking over at steamdb.


I think we got a problem

I think we got a problem

It hasn’t even been 6 hours yet and I’ve already bought 31 games.  The saddest part is that I probably wont even play half of those games but I had to get them because thanks to steamdb, I was able to find them on the cheap.  Really though, can you even call it buying a game if they are only $0.50?  It’t basically a free game at that point.  So some might say that I’ve hardly bought any games at all.

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