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Not too long ago I listed the reasons why I took a break from streaming. So today I figured it would be fitting to answer another question that I used to get asked all the time; why I ever started streaming.  Now that everyone and their mother seems to be streaming, most people probably don’t care, but back when I started in in July 2011, it was a very popular question.  The reasons I started back then, are also the reasons I have recently gotten back into streaming again.


Forever alone no more

Before I started streaming I was in a transition period in my gaming life.  Most of the people I was gaming with at the time  were losing interest or not having time anymore and I ended up spending more and more time playing games solo.  Streaming gave a new way to find new people who had not only the same interest I had in loving games, but also liked the same games I liked.  Some of the people that I still play a lot of games with to this day are people that I met through streaming.

Even when I am not able to play games with the viewers who come into the channel, I am still able pass the time by just hanging out with them and the various conversations that occur.  It can be difficult to follow the conversations sometimes while trying to play the game, but that can also provide some of the fun when I read half of what someone says and make up the rest as I go.  This has turned into one of the things that I look forward to the most whenever I turn my stream on nowadays.


Single player with a group

As much as I like single player games, historically they have been nothing but a waste of money for me.  I’ll bu them when they come out and then play them once or twice for a couple hours never to play them again.  It’s not because they are bad games, but because I get bored when I’m playing games by myself.  Although I still spend the majority of my time playing multiplayer games, streaming has turned single player games into a group activity for me.  People can come and laugh at how I get lost in the most linear games possible, rage at puzzles that a five year old could solve faster than I do, or fail at the same point in a level for the thousandth time.


Even the trolls can teach

The competitive side of me always makes me strive to get better at any of the games I play.  Streaming has opened the flood gates by letting anyone come in and be a backseat gamer.  Whether a person is actually trying to be helpful or just trying to troll the channel, the advice is always welcome.  Additionally, just like how explaining a process to another person can help yourself find problems, explaining why I do something or what I was thinking can help find problems in my play.

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Thanks to the wonderful viewers at my stream for telling me about this story.  Apparently the other day a couple people broke into a persons house to steal some guns and other stuff.  Something that happens so often, it’s easy to forgive you if you don’t really care.  This time it was different though.  You see this time they ended up breaking into someones house, while they were in the middle of streaming their Dota 2 game.  Watching the video you can see someone walk past the webcam a few times with a gun in his hand.  Eventually the lights get turned off, and at the end it looks like they steal the webcam itself.


Why’d they do it:

I’m sure there are plenty of theories on why they broke into this house, but I’m going to give you my theory on why they decided to pick that house and at that time.  Since from what I’ve heard the streamer was a relatively popular place to hang out, the people the broke in were problably viewers who were frustrated that she wasn’t playing the game they wanted to see, PayDay 2.  Instead of going to a different stream that probably had maybe two viewers, they thought it would be better to just reenact the game themselves.  So they grab some guns, use their hacking skills they picked up playing Watch Dogs to find out where she lived, and play PayDay 2 with her being one of the hostages.

One of them must not have played the game very much though, since he hung around the place too long until the police showed up and caught him.  It you look closely at the video below, you can also see that they forgot to grab their masks.  Lets how he spent some time playing Prison Break so he will know what to do when he is convicted.


All jokes aside, it’s good to know that nobody was hurt and I hope that they are able to get their stuff back soon.


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